Sunday, 1 November 2015

November 2015 part 1 - AND IT BEGINS!!!

Davo’s corner was started in 1995 when I was starting writing monthly newsletters and I wanted to document my personal life and goals. It is my way of laughing at myself and the world that I live in. Most of the issues discussed in Davo’s corner are based on real issues and real events but with a touch of satire and a smidgen of imagination and fantasy to aid the humour or the warped way that I see the world.
In my journey of life, I am aided by my wife Rhonda who has to suffer my sense of humour and my view of the world. She has been suffering my company for over 35 years and has developed a “way of coping” by letting me rave and rant and then reminding me of the reality of life. She is supported by everyone she meets – it is very usual for people to say “You poor thing”, “How do you cope?”, “Have you ever thought of leaving home?”, “It is good of you to sacrifice your life to care for him”, “You are nothing like I thought you would be after reading his comments”, “There will be a place for you in heaven after living hell here on earth” (and these are only the good comments people make after dealing with me and then talking to Rhonda).
For the last 21 years Rhonda has been assisted with our child Matthew who is totally embarrassed by his dad (that’s me) and like all young men he wants nothing to do with myself or anyone else in authority. He has a keen sense of humour (developed after living and growing with me over the last 21 years) and enjoys lazing around and basically living off his parent’s goodwill and money (hence we do not have a lot of money).
Then we have our dogs – they are all Boxers and are as mad as Boxer’s can be and they enjoy life to the full whenever they have a chance. I am often seen walking my dogs in the early hours of the morning (usually before the sun comes up) either in some paddocks or on the beach at Woodgate. I can relate to my dogs very easily – we are all mildly insane and we all love life and I am trying to learn to wag my tail so that we can all madly become excited about the simplest of things that happen on our walk. I must admit I am struggling to run around with a stick between my teeth and I do not fancy eating kangaroo poo but otherwise we are all the same.

Over the years, since I first started writing Davo’s Corner, I have had lots of different areas of life to write about but one area is still the main area of topic – my desire to represent my country in some form of sport. I would love to go to the Olympics as a competitor and I have tried many different sports trying to excel.
There is a few things holding me back (as my good wife Rhonda has pointed out on many occasions) – the main one being a lack of talent for any sport but there is also my age (I now have qualified for a senior card for a number of years), my weight (if I was 7 foot tall I would be the perfect weight but I am only around 5 foot 6 inches tall) and the fact that I struggle with hand eye co-ordination (and hand feet co-ordination along with eye feet co-ordination).
But I see these as small speed bumps on the road to success and I continue to surge ahead in my quest for greatness.
I know below this quivering exterior there is an athlete that is struggling to get out and to have the recognition of the world for his greatness. I may look middle aged (“What is that snigger for, Rhonda?”), I may look a little podgy (“Again with the snigger dear”,) I may have slightly thinning hair (“You really do need to work on controlling your snorting and sniggering Rhonda”), I may throw “like a girl” (“What do you mean “like a girl Hippopotamus”, Rhonda”), I may be a bit clumsy when I run (“Try to control your sarcastic laughter Rhonda”) and my ability to stay upright when riding a bicycle may leave a little to be desired (“Get off the floor and stop laughing Rhonda”) but deep down inside I know I have the ability to be “the best” in a sport and stand on the podium “as a winner”. I dream of accepting the gold medal at an Olympics and I will continue the search for greatness (and then I may look at changing my wife to someone who appreciates me).

I seem to run out of room on my newsletters by the time I get to Davo’s Corner and I can only occasionally write about my quest “for gold”. Then someone mentioned that I could start a blog once a month and write about my journey in a page of its own. I initially scoffed at the idea but the more I thought about it the better it seemed. This “blog” would give me a platform to express my ideas on a range of topics (all about me) and I could fool myself that someone may actually read them.

There are times in the following blogs I will revisit some episodes in my past that I feel may be relevant (or I have run out of words to say and I want to make it easier for myself) but most blogs will involve issues that are happening “now” or have just happened and I am looking back on my journey through that issue.

So let us get on with it – the Davo’s Corner Blog in all its non edited and raw form straight from my computer to you. Over the next few months or years we will visit many different facets of my sporting life – the first one to discuss is my quest to represent my country in the sport of paddling Outrigging Canoes.

Dr David

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